La La La Boom

A podcast of uncommon refinement and distinction. Recorded in a secret floating fortress in Berlin by two gentlemen of leisure.


So, let’s try to explain this all. Maybe in an old-school FAQ sort of style? Ok. Let’s do that.

What the hell is going on here? Who are you people?

The pair behind this ill-advised endeavour are Seth and Brent. We live in the wonderful, terrible city of Berlin, Germany, and we talk about things.

Seth Seth is a man of many stories, all of them true. Tends to mention Berlin in the aught-ies, Prague in the nineties, New York in the eighties and San Francisco in the seventies. One time a Russian mafia bodyguard gave him a present of a lump of explosives. Another time he was stuck in a van that was smuggling prostitutes out of Lithuania where the driver insisted on listening to nothing but country music all the way. As a boy, he may or may not have been left in charge of the red telephone at the height of the cold war. You know, the usual.

BrentBrent is a man of many theories, all of them true. A Dubliner by birth but a Berliner by vocation, he tends to get wrapped up in Aztec history, the life of Zog of Albania, Antarctic geography and the like. One time he gave a bribe to a Ukrainian policeman in the form of 7-inch singles. Recognised polymath, sage, prodigy, and occasional scoundrel, he tries to understand many things, and occasionally succeeds.

Are those your real names?

No. But did you really need to ask? C’mon, you could have figured that out for yourself.

Do you really have a secret floating fortress?


What do you like to talk about?

Well, you can best get an idea about that by listening to an episode or two, but in brief, we tell tall tales, sometimes about the city of Berlin but oftentimes not. We originally started by trying to ensure that each episode contained at least one theory and at least one story, but that’s not any kind of a hard-and-fast rule. Things we tend to return to include: Axl Rose, the Roman Empire, archaeology, Marina and Ulay, Eurodance, the French Revolution, and what to do about the perennial problem of the youth of today.

How do I listen to this thing?

On iTunes. Or RSS. Or your favourite podcasting app. Or right here on the website, if that’s your thing.

Hmm. Anything else?

Yes. If you’d like to be kept up-to-date about what’s happening, then please follow us on Twitter.

Also, we picked our name before we had any idea that there’s a pretty mediocre hiphop track of the same name. Google it if you’re curious.